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400 More Products to Avoid!

Our non-toxic maid service in Austin just got even more important! The EWG (Environmental Working Group) just released its 2016 Cleaning Product update – with more than 400 new products added to the list. Here are some of the findings, for more visit the EWG website!

Almost 40 percent of products the EWG reviewed contained isothiazolinone preservatives, […]

What’s the Difference Between Mold and Mildew?

Mold and his annoying little brother Mildew are not the most fun subjects to blog about, but mold vs mildew is an important topic that we run up against quite often with our maid service clients here in Austin, Texas.

Mold and mildew are common problems in areas that are damp – bathrooms are the most […]

Cleaning Windows Naturally Without Chemicals

Cleaning windows naturally and without chemicals is easy, but many people stick with toxic chemicals because of the streaks they think will be left if they don’t use Windex or something similar (commercials have driven that into our brain!) The reality is, contrary to common perception, naturally cleaning your windows doesn’t have to leave […]

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal – Naturally!

Does your garbage disposal smell like… well, garbage? Are you wondering how you can clean out that stink without pouring chemicals down your drain? Here are some safe, natural and effective methods you can try!


VINEGAR CUBESClean your garbage disposal naturally – with […]

Which Cosmetics Are Safe to Use?

When we talk about cleaning products that people use in their homes and how we are working to change that, we often discuss how maid services, even austin maid services that claim to be green, non toxic or safe, often are using products that are harmful to your health. We don’t usually get into the topic […]

Stinky Carpets? Baking Soda to the Rescue!

Spring Cleaning time! Of course you can call Nature Maid for your cleaning service in Austin but if you are looking to get that musty smell out of your carpet here’s an easy and toxin-free way to do it!

1. Remove dirt – use a HEPA certified vacuum to remove all dirt, dust and other particles […]

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    Spring Cleaning Tip – Decluttering Before Your Austin Maid Service

Spring Cleaning Tip – Decluttering Before Your Austin Maid Service

Something we don’t often talk about when chatting about Austin maid service tips – decluttering!

In between cleanings at home, I try to de-clutter as I go. When I pass through a room, I pick up a few things and return them where they need to be. With the kids’ stuff I have a small […]

Cleaning Tips to Help with Austin Allergies

Seems like everybody these days is suffering from Austin’s famous ailment – CEDAR FEVER!

Allergies can be worsened by a dusty interior environment, and in fact many indoor environments carry more allergens and irritating toxins than the outside. So what can we do? Plenty, it turns out -
Shoes can track in chemicals, allergens and toxins. Simply […]

Spring Cleaning Time!

A friendly post from your favorite – Austin Maid Service:

Spring is coming! 
The space between Christmas and New Years is a great time to get started with the annual deep cleaning. Ceiling fans, vents, baseboards, doors and other places in the home are often forgotten during regular cleaning. Of course you can call your favorite Austin […]

Fragrance Smells Like #$%*&!

It’s a big secret the cleaning product companies, soap makers and other consumer product manufacturers all wish you didn’t know – the lovely, happy word FRAGRANCE on a product label can mean literally thousands of things, many of them not good at all. There are currently over 3000 chemicals that are approved for use in consumer products like […]